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Do you do the building work yourself?

YES - we do not subcontract the work out to other builders.  That way we can ensure that quality control and timeframes are met, for your building project.

Can you project manage our building job?

YES - we will project manage your building job from the planning stages right through to the completion of your building project.  That way we can ensure your budget, time frames and quality control are achieved for your building project.

What if you discover unforeseen building work during the course of the job?

We will endeavour, whenever possible to physically show you and explain why it needs to be repaired.  Before we go ahead and fix any building defects, we will obtain your permission to do so first.

What guarantee can you give us?

We personally guarantee all our building work and you the client are covered under the Building Act and the Consumer Guarantee's Act from the completion of the job for 10 years.  We also offer the Certified Builders Association's home first guarantee.

What insurance do you have?

We carry full public liability insurance and faulty workmanship insurance.

Do you use formal building contracts?

YES - we get our clients to sign their estimate/quote form and our terms of trade for confirmation on their building project.  We also use certified builders association contracts where applicable.

Do you install the shower yourself?

We use professional shower installers to install your shower / bath screen.  Because to meet the shower manufacturers warranty conditions, you have to be specially trained and be an approved installer for that model of shower.

What's the difference between an estimate and a quote?

An estimate is a flexible price for your building project.  This system of pricing is used, when you can't fully ascertain all the requirements of the job properly.  Due to not being able to physically see if the building structure is sound, behind the walls, ceiling or under the floor.

A quote is a fixed unchangeable price for the building project.